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The Laledes Team



It doesn’t matter how good a Chef is when wielding pots and pans in front of his stove, it takes a well run team to turn the culinary efforts of the Chef into a pleasure on a plate for his customers.

Rania Nearchou

RaniaRania Nearchou: Rania  is married to Chef Doros Nearchou, she is the one responsible for much of the decor of the restaurant, and it's her style and keen eye which has created this rather lovely heritage niche in this quiet corner of Kouklia.

Rania after a daily shop for the fresh ingredients then preps the food ready for Doros to work his magic. She also ensures, after the raw ingredients have been turned into delicious dishes, ready to be presented to customers that everything looks right before any plates exit the kitchen.

Neoklis Erakleous

NeoklisNeoklis Erakleous. Is a tall handsome man and committed thespian within the local amateur dramatic society having appeared in every production of the Kouklia 'village plays.' He is much respected in the village as the man with not only an impressive stage presence, but an equally impressive moustache. Neoklis is sommelier for Laledes always taking the time and trouble to suggest new taste experiences to fully compliment the food. He is also the man who serves customers with a seemingly endless level of energy and pleasure, for here is someone who genuinely relishes his work.

Olga Tofaris

OlgaOlga Tofaris. Is another local but this time via the Antipodes, having returned to her family village after working in Australia. She is a key player when it comes to greeting the many foreign customers as she speaks perfect English. Olga is blessed with a lovely professional manner coupled with an easy and open personality, and it's her ability to make people feel relaxed and welcome at Laledes that she is so respected as a team player. As a mum with two young children she also lives in Kouklia and, unlike so many of our eateries these days, she is part of this all- 'Kouklia home grown team' and like Rania, and Neoklis, she is very proud of what their restaurant stands for.